Keeping You Informed

It is our policy to provide our clients with as much information regarding their move as possible to avoid any last minute surprises common with many other moving companies such as with prices. We believe it is only fair to the customer that in addition to being well informed, should know that we are operating in an ethical and profession manner.  We are always open to receive calls about information you might not find here.

Here are a few things you are entitled to when you make a reservation:

  • Email reservation confirmations
  • Door-to-door service Loading and unloading
  • No extra charge for stairs, elevators or long carry
  • FREE use of wardrobe boxes during move
  • FREE basic cargo insurance as required by CaliforniaLaw
  • Guaranteed Move Date
  • Time starts at your door & ends upon completion of your move
  • FREE disassembling and reassembling of your furniture if needed
  • FREE use of blankets for furniture protection
  • FREE use of moving equipment during move
  • All fuel, mileage, tax and tolls
  • 3 hour minimum required on all jobs
  • "Double Drive Time" fees apply to all local moves pursuant to CA law PUC Regulations
  • Rates May Vary For Commercial, Extraordinary or Very Large Size Moves that Require Specialized
  • In the event you do not have original packing materials or protective boxes for electronic or fragile items, these items may require special packing by us in order to be safely moved and avoid potential liabilities resulting from damaged items during the moving/transporting process. Our number one priority is always the safety of your property and personal goods.
  • Hourly Rates Do Not Include Cost of Any Packing Materials
  • We are unable to transport any flammable materials including Propane Tanks
  • Payment is due upon completion of move in either cash or check
  • Please, have any moving boxes you have packed - marked, sealed and under 50lbs
  • Remember, the better prepared you are for your move, the quicker it will go saving you time and money!
  • We provide agency issued individual Insurance Certifications required by most buildings FREE of charge!


It is our goal to make sure you are well informed.  Take a look at what you can get by choosing us.

Some Notes To Consider

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